Mini Go Karts at Tapnell Farm Park, Isle of Wight

Tapnell Farm Park

Tapnell Farm is the newest family attraction on the Isle of Wight, located near to Yarmouth in West Wight, and offers visitors a fantastic range of options to Eat, Shop, Play and Stay!

West Wight Alpacas

West Wight Alpacas

'Discover this hidden gem nestled in the tranquil countryside of the West Wight…

The Needles Landmark Attraction

The Needles Landmark Attraction

Set in an area of outstanding natural beauty overlooking The Needles Rocks and Lighthouse, there's breathtaking scenery and a spectacular chairlift past amazing coloured sand cliffs.

Isle of Wight, Things to do, Blackgang Chine Attraction

Blackgang Chine

Join us for a fun-filled family day out, and celebrate 175 years of making magical memories at Blackgang Chine! Let your imaginations run wild as you explore the enchanting theme lands… Whether you...


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  1. Add #10 - Beat the "Killer" hills on a bike at the Isle of Wight Cycling Festival to your Itinerary


    The “Hills Killer” Challenge (available in 3 hill, 7 hill and 14 hill varieties) is one of the most gruelling events in September’s Isle of Wight Cycling Festival, and even in its shortest form is not for the faint hearted.

    Pitting riders...

  2. #100 - Try sailing without any water in a land-yacht

    Add #100 - Try sailing without any water in a land-yacht to your Itinerary

    St Helens, Ryde

    Land-sailing is a unique sport involving a three (sometimes four) wheeled vehicle, powered by a sail. They function much like a traditional sailboat, but are operated from a seated position with pedals or hand levers for steering.

    When the tide...

  3. #101 – Stone skimming at Totland Bay

    Add #101 – Stone skimming at Totland Bay to your Itinerary

    Totland Bay

    Stone skimming is an ancient tradition of trips to the beach, passed down from generation to generation. A source of almost endless entertainment whatever your age, the “skill” of achieving the maximum number of bounces from a skimmed stone is a...

  4. Add #11 - Sail by day, party by night at the world’s biggest yachting regatta to your Itinerary


    Cowes Week is a captivating festival, whether you are a sailor watching the wind or a landlubber watching the people. Drop in for a day or the whole week in August to see the seaside town thronging as it becomes the global capital of yachting....

  5. Add #12 - Ride The Needles chairlift and take in one of the Island's most iconic views to your Itinerary

    Totland Bay

    There can’t be many Isle of Wight visitors who don’t at some point step onto the famous chairlift at The Needles. As you emerge from the leafy launching spot you will descend down the cliffs and enjoy one of the finest views on the Island...

  6. Add #13 - Find out why Islanders try to keep Steephill Cove a secret to your Itinerary

    Steephill Cove, Ventnor

    Past an idyllic seaside cricket pavilion and down a narrow footpath you will find Steephill Cove, one of the Isle of Wight’s most charming spots.

    On a warm day the Cove is quietly humming, with swimmers yelping and splashing in the clear waters...

  7. Add #15 - Take flight along the stunning coastline with a Paragliding experience to your Itinerary


    One of the best ways to see the Isle of Wight is from the air - but with no commercial flights to and around the Island it is a view often reserved to those privileged enough to have access to a plane or helicopter.

    But take to the skies on a...

  8. Add #16 - Light up your night at the Electric Woods to your Itinerary


    There has always been something enchanting about the woods at Robin Hill Country Park – which stands as one of several sites of ancient woodland on the Isle of Wight. At Electric Woods the trees are brought to life with a colourful series of...

  9. Add #17 - Meet some classic models by the sea at the International Classic Car Show to your Itinerary


    Whilst the International Classic Car Show is not the biggest of its kind, it must certainly be up there with the best in terms of locations. Usually held over a weekend in September, this coming together of classic vehicles from around the globe...

  10. Add #18 - Take a train ride back through time at the Isle of Wight Steam Railway to your Itinerary


    As soon as you arrive at Havenstreet Station you are surrounded by an air of history. This quaint railway station forms the centrepiece to the Isle of Wight Steam Railway, through which beautifully restored steam trains power up and down on a daily...

  11. Add #19 - Watch Punch and Judy wreak havoc on a Royal Beach at Osborne to your Itinerary

    East Cowes

    There are few places you could claim to have set foot on Royal sands – but the beach at Osborne is one of them. Set shore side of the grounds of Queen Victoria’s Royal Palace, Osborne Beach is an idyllic spot, with views back across the Solent to...

  12. Add #2 - Saddle up and explore the Bicycle Island to your Itinerary


    The world of cycling is made up of many different types of riders – ranging from enthusiastic road racers and mountain bikers, through to “urban cyclists” and those who prefer to stick to paths and quiet country lanes. The Isle of Wight’s diverse...

  13. Add #20 - We Dino Dare you to enter “Restricted Area 5” at Blackgang Chine to your Itinerary


    Visitors to Britain’s oldest theme park at Blackgang Chine will often recount tales of walking through “Dinosaur Land”, where since the 1970s life size models had been lurking on the cliff-sides. Fast-forward to 2014, and “Dinosaur Land” underwent a...

  14. Add #21 - Reach new heights in a treetop adventure with Goodleaf to your Itinerary


    Providing fun outdoor experiences unlike any other has been a speciality of Goodleaf’s for over 8 years, taking groups and families from ages 8 to 80 up into the trees.

    Learn the ropes with their qualified instructors at the start of each...

  15. Add #22 - Go on a dinosaur safari to your Itinerary


    The Isle of Wight is one of the richest areas for dinosaur discovery in Europe, even being hailed the “UK’s Dinosaur Capital” by a Natural History Museum Researcher. With so much rich dinosaur heritage we recommend heading out on your very own...

  16. Add #23 - Get a ticket to Ryde for the oldest carnival in Britain to your Itinerary


    Tens of thousands of spectators line the streets for Ryde Carnival, which sees well over a hundred floats parading through the seaside town in late August.
    The event has become a significant day for many local residents with the tradition being...

  17. Add #24 - Meet some of the Island's former residents on a spooky ghost walk to your Itinerary


    The Isle of Wight is regarded by paranormal experts as one of the “spookiest” places in the UK, which has led to it being christened “Ghost Island”. In the “spirit” of our haunted heritage there are a number of regular walks hosted by Isle of Wight...

  18. Add #25 - Hear lions and tigers roar as the waves crash on the shore at Isle of Wight Zoo to your Itinerary



    Animal Collection / Zoo


    Just metres from Sandown’s golden beach you will find Isle of Wight Zoo, where lions and tigers live alongside lemurs and meerkats. The imposing site sits within the remains of a Victorian fort which protected the famous coastline.

    Today it is a...

  19. Add #27 - Search through secret pools at low tide at Freshwater Bay to your Itinerary


    There is something soothing about the sound of Freshwater Bay, with its flint and chalk pebbles which are constantly pulled up and down the shore by the sea’s powerful waves.

    Many visitors try out watersports from the Bay, such as kayaking or...

  20. Add #28 - Discover palm trees and prehistoric plants at Ventnor Botanic Gardens to your Itinerary


    Before the arrival of antibiotics for tuberculosis, Ventnor’s pretty Botanic Gardens were the home of the Royal National Hospital for Diseases of the Chest. The sheltered and unusually warm location on the south of the Island was a haven for those...

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