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Escape to Adventure Island

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  1. Add #12 - Ride The Needles chairlift and take in one of the Island's most iconic views to your Itinerary

    Totland Bay

    There can’t be many Isle of Wight visitors who don’t at some point step onto the famous chairlift at The Needles. As you emerge from the leafy launching spot you will descend down the cliffs and enjoy one of the finest views on the Island...

  2. Add #28 - Discover palm trees and prehistoric plants at Ventnor Botanic Gardens to your Itinerary


    Before the arrival of antibiotics for tuberculosis, Ventnor’s pretty Botanic Gardens were the home of the Royal National Hospital for Diseases of the Chest. The sheltered and unusually warm location on the south of the Island was a haven for those...

  3. Add #16 - Light up your night at the Electric Woods to your Itinerary


    There has always been something enchanting about the woods at Robin Hill Country Park – which stands as one of several sites of ancient woodland on the Isle of Wight. At Electric Woods the trees are brought to life with a colourful series of...

  4. Add #3 - Smash the lap record on an all-weather karting track to your Itinerary

    Brading Road, Ryde

    As far back as the 1960s there were Go Karts racing around the site of the former Ryde Airport at Westridge - along with the former pavilion building which featured as a nightclub in the 1973 film “That’ll Be The Day”. Nowadays there is no sign of...

  5. Add #20 - We Dino Dare you to enter “Restricted Area 5” at Blackgang Chine to your Itinerary


    Visitors to Britain’s oldest theme park at Blackgang Chine will often recount tales of walking through “Dinosaur Land”, where since the 1970s life size models had been lurking on the cliff-sides. Fast-forward to 2014, and “Dinosaur Land” underwent a...

  6. Add #37 - Glide along and save your legs on a segway experience to your Itinerary

    St Helens, Ryde

    Once viewed as the future of pedestrianism, the incredible feat of engineering that is the Segway has failed to find its way onto UK pavements, largely due to its slightly unfair classification as a motor vehicle. Whilst Americans in the 40 US...

  7. Add #7 - Take a leap of faith from the rocks on a coasteering adventure to your Itinerary

    Newport Road, Freshwater

    Coasteering is easily one of the most “extreme” ways to explore the Isle of Wight’s coastline, and is also one of the most varied outdoor pursuits you will find anywhere. Part climbing experience, with some swimming, jumping, ducking and diving...

  8. Add #24 - Meet some of the Island's former residents on a spooky ghost walk to your Itinerary


    The Isle of Wight is regarded by paranormal experts as one of the “spookiest” places in the UK, which has led to it being christened “Ghost Island”. In the “spirit” of our haunted heritage there are a number of regular walks hosted by Isle of Wight...

  9. Add #89 - Take a stroll down Britain's oldest pier at Ryde to your Itinerary


    Spare a thought for holidaymakers who came to Ryde before the arrival of its famous pier, many of whom walked across half a mile of soggy sand to reach dry land.

    With its Pier in place in 1814, the town became a bustling seaside resort and on the...

  10. Add #48 - Find out why we're nuts about Red Squirrels to your Itinerary


    If it were possible to nominate a national animal to go with our “national dish” (which for those who are interested is reputedly “Crab on Chips”) it would be the red squirrel. After their larger grey cousin drove most of them from parts of Europe...

  11. Add #72 - Order a seaside takeaway and dig into pizza on the beach to your Itinerary


    For many the quintessential seaside takeaway would have to be the British classic, Fish and Chips, eaten out of newspaper or a cone with a wooden fork. We can offer you this on the Isle of Wight, but we can also take it to the next level.


  12. #40 - Take a tour round a 2000 year old Roman Villa

    Add #40 - Take a tour round a 2000 year old Roman Villa to your Itinerary


    Step back 2000 years to a time when the Romans knew the Isle of Wight as Vectis and built an impressive villa in Brading. The remains of the courtyard Villa were first uncovered by a Victorian farmer who was punching holes for a sheep pen. The site...

  13. Add #98 - Explore a 300 year old windmill to your Itinerary


    Bembridge’s Windmill outlived around a dozen others on the Isle of Wight and now stands proud as a prize National Trust property.

    For two centuries it provided employment for the town’s millers before the arrival of the railways led to its last...

  14. Add #90 - Spend the night at a King's Prison in the Bowling Green Apartments at Carisbrooke to your Itinerary


    The walls of Carisbrooke Castle have faced the approaching Spanish Armada and have held a King captive after civil war defeat. Become part of its history by spending a week in the Bowling Green Apartment which sits across the courtyard from where...

  15. Add #73 - Ride a rib around the coast to your Itinerary

    Totland Bay

    RIB rides are without doubt one of the most exciting ways to get around on the water, with the lightweight and highly powered craft tending to bounce over waves rather than cut through them. Because of their speed RIBS are also one of the best ways...

  16. Add #17 - Meet some classic models by the sea at the International Classic Car Show to your Itinerary


    Whilst the International Classic Car Show is not the biggest of its kind, it must certainly be up there with the best in terms of locations. Usually held over a weekend in September, this coming together of classic vehicles from around the globe...

  17. #41 – Climb the gothic tower on the beach

    Add #41 – Climb the gothic tower on the beach to your Itinerary


    One of the most distinctive landmarks on the Island is the imposing gothic-style “Appley Tower” which stands tall above our most extensive sandy beaches at Ryde and Appley. It is all that remains of Appley Towers, a tudor mansion which once stood in...

  18. Add #65 - Step aboard the Red Jet for a day out in Southampton to your Itinerary

    West Cowes

    If you are looking to inject a bit of “urban” into your Isle of Wight break then why not try a day trip over to Southampton? Only 30 minutes from West Cowes via the Red Funnel passenger service, the “Red Jet”, Southampton gives visitors the chance...

  19. Add #99 - Phone a friend from the UK's oldest working phone box in Bembridge to your Itinerary


    In an unassuming spot in Bembridge High Street, between a barber’s shop and a fishmonger’s is what is thought to be the UK’s oldest working phone box.

    The ‘K1’ has an ornate peaked roof and was a common site when it was introduced in the 1920s....

  20. Add #18 - Take a train ride back through time at the Isle of Wight Steam Railway to your Itinerary


    As soon as you arrive at Havenstreet Station you are surrounded by an air of history. This quaint railway station forms the centrepiece to the Isle of Wight Steam Railway, through which beautifully restored steam trains power up and down on a daily...

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