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Cruise to Cowes - Cowes Isle of Wight

There’s nowhere better than Cowes for sailing and water activities. This is the home of Cowes Week, the oldest and biggest sailing regatta in the world.

Cowes is a vibrant, exciting place at any time, with sporting and cultural events throughout the year. It’s a sophisticated resort you won’t want to miss. The town stretches across the mouth of the river Medina estuary, where the famous chain ferry shuttles pedestrians and cars from one side of the river to the other, in just a few minutes.

Explore our rich and fascinating history by visiting maritime museums or Queen Victoria’s seaside palace. Enjoy a stroll along the seafront and see boats of every shape and size, or head for the nearby beaches to soak up the sun.

Browse the town’s famous shopping streets and pick up everything from designer socks to artisan cheese and wine. Pretty pavement cafes, bars, boutique shops and galleries can be found in East and West Cowes, Relax over a glass of fizz and then choose somewhere special for dinner, there’s nowhere like Cowes after dark.

Stay in Cowes or the surrounding area to take full advantage of everything this resort has to offer, and when you know Cowes, head off to explore more of the Isle of Wight. Welcome to Cowes!

Cowes Harbour Handbook 2018 - 2019

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There’s so much more to Cowes than sailing

There’s so much more to Cowes than sailing

If you thought sailing was the only reason to go to Cowes, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. There are so many dining and shopping options in both Cowes and East Cowes that you may not even have time to make it to the water! And if you have been sailing all day, rest assured there are plenty of eateries to try out afterwards. If you’re in the mood for an on-deck picnic then head to The Food Hamper delicatessen on Cowes High Street, where the friendly staff will sort you out a feast fit for a day’s sailing. They’ll also fix you a simple yet freshly delicious crab sandwich if you’d prefer for a light bite.

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An abbreviated history of Cowes

An abbreviated history of Cowes

The first known settlements in the Cowes area were created by Vikings, who during the 11th Century used the Medina River as a base for raids along the South Coast of England. They established a settlement on the west bank of the river, roughly opposite where the Folly Inn is today,  and it is believed they may have used it as a winter quarters.

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