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Explore Victoria's Island as a family

Explore Victoria's Island as a family

Suggested Day Excursion. Times are approximate.

Please check opening times and ferry times before travelling.

This itinerary is perfect for a family, but can be enjoyed by anybody. If you do not want to travel by bus, just replace that part of the journey with car, bike, or foot - where possible.

8:45 Depart Southampton Red Jet

9:10 Arrive Cowes

Walk out of the terminal, turn left along the High Street, turn right on the second road to the Marks and Spencers Foodhall and wait there for the regular Number 1 service to Newport. 

9:15 Depart Cowes for Newport

A railway station once stood where the Marks and Spencer Foodhall is located, the very first on the Island and was built during the reign of Queen Victoria. Enjoy the views out of the bus window on your way to Newport.

9:45 Arrive Newport Bus Station

Take some time to look around Newport. Start by exiting the bus station and cross the road. Follow the signs to Newport Minster, situated in St Thomas Square. Opposite Sports Direct there is a path that will lead you to Newport Minster.

10:10 Arrive at Newport Minster

The church was initially rebuilt by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, as they felt it was not suitable to house the remains of Princess Elizabeth, Charles I’s daughter. Prince Albert laid the foundation stone in 1854.

If the doors are open, head inside. Enjoy the beautiful architecture of Newport Minster.

10:30 Exit Newport Minster

Upon exiting the church, head towards the main high street, which can be seen fron the front entrance of Newport Minster. Once you see the High Street, turn right past Superdrug and you will see Newport Guildhall in the distance.

Enter Newport Guildhall if it is open, where you can find out more about the history of the Island in the Museum of Island History.

11:00 Exit the Museum of Island History

Retrace your steps back to the bus station.

11:10 Arrive back at Newport Bus station

Wait for the number 7 bus.

11:15 Depart the bus station

Ask for the driver to make you aware of the closest stop to Carisbrooke Castle.

11:25 Arrive at Carisbrooke

From the bus stop, there is a walk with a high gradient up to the castle. The walk should take approximately 30 minutes, but may be longer for those who struggle to walk.

Please be aware that vehicles use the road too. 

Follow the signs to Carisbrooke Castle, and as you climb the road towards it, you will start to see some of the outside walls.

The castle was a royal prison in the Civil War, from 1642 to 1651. Part of Carisbrooke was used as a residence by Princess Beatrice from 1912 onwards.

After the death of her husband in 1896, Princess Beatrice was appointed Governor of the Isle of Wight, and lived with her mother Queen Victoria at Osborne.

Take your time at Carisbrooke Castle, find out the many ways it has been used - including defending the Island. Climb to the top of the walls for some beautiful views across Carisbrooke and Newport, which has inspired many the artist and photographer.

1:30 Depart Carisbrooke Castle

Take a gentle stroll down from the castle, enjoying the views to your left hand side. Once you are at the bottom of the road, turn left and head down Cedar Hill and back into the village of Carisbrooke.

At the bottom of this road turn left and head towards The Eight Bells pub for something to eat.

Please take care when walking down Cedar Hill and into Carisbrooke, and use pavements where possible.

2:00 Arrive at the Eight Bells pub

Enjoy a meal and let the kids play in the gardens for a bit. A good chance to relax those legs before the journey home. 

3:00 Exit the Eight Bells pub

Retrace your steps and find the bus stop (on the left hand side of the road) where you can wait for a number 7, 12 or 38 back into Newport.

3:45 Arrive at Newport bus station

Head to the bus stop for the number 1 back to Cowes.

4:20 Arrive in Cowes

Take time to walk around Cowes, and take in some of the views across to East Cowes - and imagine what it would have been like to be a Victorian holidaymaker, or even Queen Victoria herself, who had a soft spot for the views in this area. “It is impossible to imagine a prettier spot."

4:45 Depart Cowes for Southampton

Please check ferry times before travelling.

Product Information

  1. Red Funnel Ferries


    Contact Details:

    12 Bugle Street
    SO14 2JY


    02380 019192
  2. Contact Details:

    Isle of Wight
    PO30 1JF


    01202 338420
  3. Contact Details:

    St Thomas Square
    Isle Of Wight
    PO30 1SL


    +44 01983 821961
  4. Museum of Island History

    High Street, NEWPORT

    Contact Details:

    High Street
    Isle of Wight
    PO30 1TY


    01983 823433
  5. Carisbrooke Castle


    Contact Details:

    Carisbrooke Castle
    Isle of Wight
    PO30 1XY


    +44 01983 522107
  6. The Eight Bells


    Contact Details:

    31 Carisbrooke High Street
    Isle of Wight
    PO30 1NR


    01983 825501

Itinerary Distances

FromToDistance * (metric)
Red Funnel Ferries (50.75903,-1.29015)Southern Vectis - The Island's Buses (50.69842,-1.29437)6.08
Southern Vectis - The Island's Buses (50.69842,-1.29437)Newport Minster - Victoria's Island Trail (50.69987,-1.2932)0.16
Newport Minster - Victoria's Island Trail (50.69987,-1.2932)Museum of Island History (50.70055,-1.29307)0.07
Museum of Island History (50.70055,-1.29307)Carisbrooke Castle (50.6874,-1.31405)1.87
Carisbrooke Castle (50.6874,-1.31405)The Eight Bells (50.6914,-1.31149)0.43
Total Distance *8.62 miles
Estimated Journey Time17 minutes

* Approximate distance by road

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