The Isle of Wight has plenty of attractions and activities to keep you entertained during daylight hours, but what about in the evenings? Well you will be pleased to know there is plenty going on to keep your eyes busy and “light up” your nights!

Firework Displays

Without doubt the most famous fireworks on the Isle of Wight take place on the second Friday night of Cowes Week, and draw crowds from across the Island - and you don’t have to wait until the cold November nights to get a further fix of fireworks in the sky…

Every Wednesday during the summer holidays Blackgang Chine host their “Big Night Out” with live music and entertainment throughout the evening, crowned with a fantastic musical firework display when darkness falls.

At The Needles ParkMagic in the Skies” takes place every Thursday evening through the August holidays, with a non-stop party of street entertainment, live music and fun and games, all building to fireworks finale at 9.30PM – with the famous Needles Lighthouse glowing brightly in the background!

Illuminated Carnivals

The Isle of Wight carnivals are a spectacle to behold, with more than 20 taking place across the Island throughout the year. The illuminated processions which take place in the evenings often draw the biggest crowds, bringing an explosion of light and colour to the streets of some of the Island’s biggest towns.

This year the illuminated carnivals take place on August 8th in Shanklin, August 15th in Ventnor, August 19th in Newport, August 22nd in Cowes, August 26th in Sandown and September 5th in Ryde. As Sandown Carnival this year celebrates its 125th anniversary there will be the added bonus of a spectacular fireworks finale at Eastern Gardens.

Electric Woods

As anyone who has been to the award-winning Bestival will confirm, the woods at Robin Hill have a habit of coming to life after dark! The stunning illuminations which light up the Electric Woods are in themselves a visual feast, and hidden amongst them you will find a variety of live music, entertainment and refreshments until late in the evening. If you’ve never eaten fish and chips next to an “ambient pond” we would highly recommend it!

Each Electric Woods event has its own theme, and following the popular “Ambient August”, which runs until the end of August, whilst October will see them host their very own “Festival of Light” in celebration of Diwali.

Shanklin Chine

Thought to be the oldest attraction on the Isle of Wight, Shanklin Chine is a beautiful  historic gorge which runs from Shanklin Old Village all the way down to the seafront. The Chine is at its most magical at night, when it springs to life with close to 200 lights illuminating the way through the chine amongst the rare plantlife, walkways and waterfalls.

Immerse yourself in one of the Island’s truly unique experiences, and when you work your way to the foot of the Chine treat yourself to refreshments at The Fisherman’s cottage pub which sits at the back of Shanklin’s famous sandy beach. Shanklin Chine opens until 10PM every evening until  September 7th.

Milky Ways and Starry Skies

The easiest way you can light up your Isle of Wight nights is to simply look up!

The Island’s skies are so clear on cloudless nights that we are currently looking to gain “Dark Skies Status” – and if you travel outside of the bright lights of the town after darkness falls you will see exactly why. During the summer especially it is hard to believe the amount of stars you can see in our skies, which regularly appear along with the image of the milkyway.

Want to see more? Take a look at some of the work of our local photographers, Island Visions Photography and Isle of Wight Milkyway photography, who bring the full beauty of the skies to life with their images.

And the best place to go and watch the stars? Easily one the many beaches along the Isle of Wight’s heritage coastline – you could even take a blanket and BBQ* with you, and settle in for the evening to watch the show!

*Please make sure you take any litter with you when leaving the beach