My earliest memory of the Isle of Wight is when I lived at Bullen cross in Ryde. I vividly remember my Mum pushing me in the push chair down Oak Hill Road, approaching the bottom and seeing the beautiful blue sea open up in front of me - and the smell of the fresh sea air. We also walked to Barnsley Farm where my great Auntie and Uncle lived… but that was a different smell!  

Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz said, "there's no place like home" and I feel privileged to live and work on this beautiful Island. I believe that travel broadens the mind; they say the world is a book and if you don't travel, then you only read one page. Yet there something so special about coming home to your family and friends.

I live on the outskirts of Newport now, which is very central for work – I work across the whole of Island doing gigs and shows. Also, it’s a nice walk into the town. During lockdown my wife Laura and I would do a gentle river walk - along the Medina - starting in Newport and walking up to Island Harbour and back. It’s not far, 40 minutes or so but a lovely route. 

Tennyson Down

For a longer walk it would have to be all the way from Carisbrooke to the Needles, which is around 13 miles or so. Walking over Tennyson Downs is stunning, it’s my favourite viewpoint on the Island, then reaching the Needles is always a spectacular sight. 

In the summertime, another favourite short route would have to be from Ryde, along the Seafront and past Appley round to Seagrove Bay, in Seaview. Then back again. For Autumn, it’s nice to wrap up and walk from the Woodvale pub in Gurnard to Cowes and back. Stopping for a warming coffee in Cowes halfway. 

During the Isle of Wight Walking Festival this year, I held two ‘Magical History Tours’, one in Ryde and one in Newport; where I grew up and where I live now. We walk through our towns every day, not really noticing what is around us. Yet visitors are taking photos while their heads are raised. 

My walks were fun little routes with interspersed magic to get people to raise their heads… and point out a few things that they may not know about our magical and historical Island!