I used to complain terribly on family walks.

I’d even say there’s a slim chance that I irritated my parents with my non-stop whinging, despite their meticulous planning to make sure the walk was circular, not too long and involved a pub lunch.

Nowadays, the whole thing seems a lot more appealing. If you’ve also reached such maturity, I encourage you to join IsleWalk2017 which takes place over a couple of weeks, starting on April 29th.

Here are 12 reasons why you’ll love it:

1. For starters, The Telegraph recently declared our beloved Isle of Wight as one of the world’s 20 islands worth exploring on foot…

2. …and unlike most of the others on the list, it’s only a couple of hours from London – plus a short ferry or hovercraft

3. For those who enjoy a challenge (and blisters), IsleWalk2017 includes a 66 mile walk around the entire coastal path

4. Or if you’re not feeling quite up to that you can just tackle a bit of coastline, such as a ‘Nordic Walk’ in the East Wight around St Helen’s and Seagrove Bay …

5 … or the crumbling cliffs of the West Wight

6. You can join 10,000 people (and a few animals) who will Walk the Wight east to west…

7. …or a smaller group who are walking north to south, finishing at St Catherine’s Lighthouse

8. You can explore the seaside site where Bob Dylan played to 150,000 in 1969…

9. …or where Jimi Hendrix played to a fairly large crowd in 1970

10. If your children won’t complain as much as me, there are family friendly walks, including an ‘Earth Walk’ around Appley Park…

11. …and a Pooh Sticks challenge in the Eastern Yar

12. And of course, the sun will shine, because we get 500 hours a year more sunshine than London

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