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Explore Victoria's Island on foot

Explore Victoria's Island on foot

Suggested Day Excursion. Times are approximate.

Information: This walk is not easy. For something more manageable, try the Victoria's Island by bus itinerary, which involves some walking - as well as an enjoyable bus journey.

We recommend taking plenty of water and to check the weather before you leave. It is also worth checking the ferry timetable before you make your journey.

9:00 Depart Southampton on the car ferry

9:50 Arrive at East Cowes

Exit the ferry terminal and take care to cross the busy road ahead. You will see a food supermarket on your left hand side, follow the road which runs parallel to that for approximately 30 minutes (20 minutes brisk) to find Osborne.

10:20 Arrive at Osborne

You will see the Osborne estate gates on your left hand side. Enter and make your way in - make sure you have money or a card to pay for entrance, or your English Heritage card.

Enjoy spending time in Queen Victoria's family home. Learn about what she enjoyed and how she spent her family life.

12:00 Exit Osborne

Leave the Osborne gates and turn left, follow the path along the road and look for signs to St Mildred's Church.

Look for a roundabout - and turn right into Saunders Way, from here you can turn left (Beatrice Avenue) towards St Mildred's Church. 

12:20 Arrive at St Mildred's Church

St Mildred's was Queen Victoria's local church, redesigned by none other than Prince Albert, to a style more fitting for a royal family.

The family worshipped at St Mildred’s when in residence at Osborne. Queen Victoria’s youngest daughter Princess Beatrice and her husband were married here and buried here.

13:00 Depart St Mildred's Church

Follow the signs to Whippingham Road (down the second part of Beatrice Avenue - from the Church. Turn right onto Whippingham Road and take a short walk to find Folly Lane on your right.

Walk down Follow Lane and follow the signs to The Folly Inn. You can stop here for some refreshments before you continue your journey.

13:30 Arrive at the Folly Inn

14:00 Depart the Folly Inn

Exit The Folly Inn and take a walk down along the river, making your way towards Island Harbour. It is important to wear good walking boots or shoes for this part of the journey, and please take care to watch where you are going - as some of the path can be rough.

There is also a gate to enter to make your way into Island Harbour.

14:30 Arrive at Island Harbour

Continue your walk along the River Medina and beyond Island Harbour, where you will find the pathway continues into Newport. 

15:15 Arrive at Newport Quay

Follow the signs to St James Square, Newport.

15:30 Arrive at St James Square

The first thing you will notice, is Newport Minster, the big church standing tall in the centre of the square. 

15:35 Arrive at Newport Minster

This church was rebuilt by order of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, because they thought it wasn’t suitable to house the remains of Princess Elizabeth, Charles 1’s daughter.

If the doors are open, take the chance to go in to take a look around.

16:00 Depart Newport Minster

From the big doors at the front of Newport Minster, turn left and go around the outside of the church. Once you reach the back end, look to the right to find Gods Providence House.

16:10 Arrive at Gods Providence House

This Victorian tea room is the perfect place to stop off for refreshments. Take some time out and reflect back on your journey so far.

16:45 Exit Gods Providence House

Information: From here you can catch the bus back to East Cowes for your ferry, just follow the signs to Newport bus station. Please check timetables.

You can also continue your walk from here.

16:50 Depart Newport on foot

Follow directions to Newport Harbour, and from here you can take a walk along the River Medina, following the old train line (National Cycle Route 23). In Victorian times, royal and political dignitaries used to travel to the Island by boat and then by train, arriving at Whippingham Station.

The old train line is a 4 mile walk, taking you into the heart of Cowes.

17:50 Arrive at Cowes

Follow the signs for the floating bridge (chain ferry). Please check prices and timetables on the floating bridge website.

Cross over on the floating bridge, or the replacement boat service if the floating bridge is not operational. 

18:10 Arrive at East Cowes

Make your way to the ferry terminal in East Cowes to complete your round trip. Please check ferry timetables before travelling.

18:30 Depart East Cowes

19:20 Arrive at Southampton

Product Information

  1. Red Funnel Ferries


    Contact Details:

    12 Bugle Street
    SO14 2JY


    02380 019192
  2. Osborne


    Contact Details:

    Osborne House
    Isle of Wight
    PO32 6JX


    01983 200022
  3. Contact Details:

    Beatrice Avenue
    Isle Of Wight
    PO32 6LW


    01983 291295 / 01983 293140
  4. The Folly Inn


    Contact Details:

    Folly Lane
    Isle of Wight
    PO32 6NB


    01983 297171
  5. Contact Details:

    St Thomas Square
    Isle Of Wight
    PO30 1SL


    +44 01983 821961
  6. Contact Details:

    12 St Thomas Square
    Isle of Wight
    PO30 1SL


    +44 01983 522085

Itinerary Distances

FromToDistance * (metric)
Red Funnel Ferries (50.75903,-1.29015)Osborne (50.75249,-1.27186)1.33
Osborne (50.75249,-1.27186)Queen Victoria's Church (St. Mildred's) (50.73979,-1.27683)1.31
Queen Victoria's Church (St. Mildred's) (50.73979,-1.27683)The Folly Inn (50.73348,-1.28074)0.68
The Folly Inn (50.73348,-1.28074)Newport Minster - Victoria's Island Trail (50.69987,-1.2932)3.46
Newport Minster - Victoria's Island Trail (50.69987,-1.2932)Gods Providence House (50.69951,-1.2937)0.05
Total Distance *6.83 miles
Estimated Journey Time13 minutes

* Approximate distance by road

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