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Explore Victoria's Island by bicycle

Explore Victoria's Island by bicycle

It is so easy to visit the Isle of Wight on bike. For helpful tips on bringing your bike please click here.

Suggested Day Excursion. Times are approximate.

10.00 Depart Southampton

Depart Southampton on the Red Funnel Car Ferry Terminal 1. There is no extra charge for taking your bike.

11.00 Arrive East Cowes

From the ferry, follow the directions to the chain ferry (Floating Bridge) to head across to Cowes. Check Floating Bridge website for prices. Allow good time for the chain ferry.

Once in Cowes, follow the round the Island route cycle route and signs which takes you up a slight hill to the edge of Northwood Park.

12:15 Arrive Northwood House

Queen Victoria attended many high society events at Northwood House. It has been kept in the original style and offers great views over Cowes and the Solent.

Allow time to wander the gardens, and enjoy the many trees, shrubs and flowers. Northwood House hosts a variety of events across the year so there may be more to see on your visit.

12:40 Depart Northwood House

There are many points to leave the gardens some with steps (so may not be suitable for bikes). Head towards the sea and onto the Round the Island cycle route towards Cowes seafront.

12:50 Arrive Cowes seafront

The route now takes you along the Cowes seafront with the Solent to your right. You can see over to the mainland and catch sight of many a sailing yacht.

You are following in Victoria’s footsteps. The coastal view between Cowes and Gurnard was one of Queen Victoria's favourites. You will reach Egypt Point and keep cycling along the flat route into Gurnard.

Hungry? Now is the perfect place to stop and have a bite to eat.

13:10 Arrive Gurnard

Gurnard has a couple of great food options. The Woodvale, with large garden and extensive menu, has plenty of places to park your bike and is a great place to look out over the famous Green Beach huts and watch the world go by. Why not dip your toes in the water after a bite to eat!

14:10 Depart Gurnard.

Cycle back along the seafront into Cowes. 

14.30 Arrive Cowes

A suggested detour is to park your bike in the Cycle Hub at the Red Jet and have a look around the great selection of shops, from independent stores to national chains.

Take a stroll around the marina and you might be lucky to spot a visiting super yacht. Make sure you take in some of the Victorian architecture in and around Cowes.

Cycles are not allowed to cycle through the pedestrian high street, so follow the round the Island signs to divert around the high street and back to the Floating Bridge.

15:45 Arrive East Cowes

Continue the round the Island cycle route towards Whippingham.

16:00 Arrive St Mildred’s Church

Queen Victoria’s youngest daughter Princess Beatrice and her husband were married and buried at St Mildred's Church. View the permanent exhibition of Royal memorabilia including a replica of Princess Beatrice’s wedding dress. 

The church was used regularly by the Royal family, Prince Albert was behind the redesign of the church.

16:30 Leave St Mildred's Church

From the church, you can cycle down to the River Media and have a refreshment at The Folly Inn. A pub with outdoor seating perched on the riverbank.

16:45 Arrive The Folly Inn

Take time to enjoy a refreshing drink, taking in views of the River Medina and its wildlife.

18.30 Depart East Cowes by Ferry

Retrace your route back to the Red Funnel terminal ready for departure.

19.30 Arrive Southampton

Product Information

  1. Contact Details:

    Ward Avenue
    Isle of Wight
    PO31 8AZ


    01983 293642
  2. Contact Details:

    Egypt Point
    Egypt Esplanade
    Isle Of Wight
    PO31 8BT
  3. Contact Details:

    Shore Road
    Isle Of Wight
    PO31 8LD
  4. The Woodvale


    Contact Details:

    1 Princes Esplanade
    Isle of Wight
    PO31 8LE


    +44 01983 292037
  5. Contact Details:

    Beatrice Avenue
    Isle Of Wight
    PO32 6LW


    01983 291295 / 01983 293140
  6. The Folly Inn


    Contact Details:

    Folly Lane
    Isle of Wight
    PO32 6NB


    01983 297171
  7. Red Funnel Ferries


    Contact Details:

    12 Bugle Street
    SO14 2JY


    02380 019192

Itinerary Distances

FromToDistance * (metric)
Northwood House - Victoria's Island Trail (50.76094,-1.30376)Egypt Point - Victoria's Island Trail (50.76728,-1.31386)0.9
Egypt Point - Victoria's Island Trail (50.76728,-1.31386)Gurnard Beach (50.75915,-1.3263)1.13
Gurnard Beach (50.75915,-1.3263)The Woodvale (50.76236,-1.32315)0.38
The Woodvale (50.76236,-1.32315)St. Mildred's Church - Victoria's Island Trail (50.73979,-1.27684)3.71
St. Mildred's Church - Victoria's Island Trail (50.73979,-1.27684)The Folly Inn (50.73348,-1.28074)0.68
The Folly Inn (50.73348,-1.28074)Red Funnel Ferries (50.75903,-1.29015)2.63
Total Distance *9.43 miles
Estimated Journey Time18 minutes

* Approximate distance by road

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