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Bonchurch Beach

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  1. Add Jack Up Christmas to your Itinerary

    Jack Up Christmas


    So you thought there was nothing happening at the end of November on the Isle of Wight? Well think again! Here's something really exciting to look forward to as the nights draw in and temperatures start to drop… Organisers of the hugely popular…

  2. Add Shanklin Chine to your Itinerary

    Shanklin Chine


    Historic gorge with dramatic waterfalls and nature trail.


    Price Free to £20.00 Per Ticket
  3. Add Shanklin Beach to your Itinerary

    Shanklin Beach


    Shanklin Beach is a one of the Isle of Wight’s best known stretches of golden sands, which backs onto a traditional English seafront promenade.

  4. Add Small Hope Beach to your Itinerary

    Small Hope Beach


    Small Hope Beach sits to the left of the main Shanklin seafront and backs onto a spectacular cliff face.

  5. Add Lake Beach to your Itinerary

    Lake Beach


    Lake Beach is located between the popular resort beaches of Sandown and Shanklin, and shares the same gently sloping golden sands and clear swimming waters.

  6. Add Mystery & Intrigue Weekend Break to your Itinerary

    Mystery & Intrigue Weekend Break


    Luccombe Hall Hotel presents a weekend of Murder, Mystery, Intrigue and Ghoulish Deeds The Isle of Wight is acknowledged as the world's most haunted island. Join us and the Isle of Wight Ghost Experience on Friday 13th December as you are guided…

  7. Add Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - The Island Savoyards to your Itinerary

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - The Island Savoyards


    Join The Island Savoyards this October half term on a FANTASMAGORICAL ride!!

    With a flying car, fantastic costumes, a cast of more than 40 and a live orchestra.

    Based on the beloved 1968 film version of Ian Fleming's children's book…

  8. Add Guided Fossil Walk - Shanklin to your Itinerary

    Guided Fossil Walk - Shanklin


    The end of October is a busy time for us here at Dinosaur Isle as we see Island and mainland visitors in the museum during the school half-term holiday. During this break, if tides permit, we run a programme of weekday guided fossil walks. This year…

  9. Add How to Write a Page-Turner With Simon Booker to your Itinerary

    How to Write a Page-Turner With Simon Booker


    No matter what genre – thriller, literary fiction, sci-fi, romance, paranormal, crime novel etc – there is one simple, essential ingredient of any successful book: you need to give the reader a reason to keep turning the pages.


  10. Add The Art of Presence with Cate Mackenzie to your Itinerary

    The Art of Presence with Cate Mackenzie


    Would you like to learn how to communicate with presence and love? Many long to be present and know how to connect with others but do not know how to do this. As a result we can either become pursuers or distancers in relationships discovering that…

  11. Add Shanklin Children's Carnival to your Itinerary

    Shanklin Children's Carnival


    Join in the fun of the Shanklin Children's Carnival!

    See website for Procession route.

  12. Add Shanklin Main Carnival to your Itinerary

    Shanklin Main Carnival


    Join in the carnival fun at Shanklin's Main Procession! See website for route details.

  13. Add Shanklin Illuminated Carnival to your Itinerary

    Shanklin Illuminated Carnival


    Experience all the fun of the carnival at night, with Shanklin's Illuminated Procession!

    See website for details of the route.

  14. Add Welcoming The New Year to your Itinerary

    Welcoming The New Year


    This is a four-day New Year celebration with courses, coastline walking, parties, games, fabulous food and the company of inspirational leaders and soon-to-be new friends.

  15. Add Christmas Celebration to your Itinerary

    Christmas Celebration


    Join Marina and Susie for a friendly, relaxing Christmas at The Grange. Feel renewed with mindful walking by the sea accompanied by yoga along the way. Enjoy cosy wood fires with sensuous sound baths and gentle meditation. Make 'easy art' with…

  16. Add Life Writing Weekend With Nick Barlay to your Itinerary

    Life Writing Weekend With Nick Barlay


    During the weekend, we will explore approaches to life writing through a combination of examples, discussions and practical exercises to discover forms most appropriate to unique and individual stories.

    Topics will include: finding the universal in…

  17. Add Mindfulness Weekend with Michael Eales to your Itinerary

    Mindfulness Weekend with Michael Eales


    Mindfulness is an exploration of the practice of present-moment awareness, kindness and whole-hearted living. It is a simple path to our core self, the place of inner wisdom, wellbeing and happiness. It also provides tools for recognizing and…

  18. Add Passionate Living With Malcolm Stern to your Itinerary

    Passionate Living With Malcolm Stern


    As children we marvel at the world around us, longing to be grown up and able to taste many gifts in life.

    Somehow as adults we have learned to shut down and avoid our pain and struggle. Unfortunately and unknowingly, we also close down our passion…

  19. Add Adventures in Comedy Writing With Logan Murray to your Itinerary

    Adventures in Comedy Writing With Logan Murray


    Comedy, like any other art, is a craft. There are tips and techniques to be learnt. Simply put, if you can understand comedy grammar then unlocking the funny ideas becomes easier. From finding your creative inspiration to learning the building…

  20. Add Dream Author Writing Weekend With Sophie Hannah to your Itinerary

    Dream Author Writing Weekend With Sophie Hannah


    When publishers talk about finding a 'dream author', they mean an author who is a dream to work with. From a writer's point of view, however, that description can and should mean something else: how to fulfil your creative dreams and make precisely…

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