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Explore Victoria's Island by car

Explore Victoria's Island by car

This journey is by car, but can be done via bus. Visit the Southern Vectis page to help find the correct route.

Suggested Day Excursion. Times are approximate. Please check ferry times before travelling.

10:00 Depart Lymington

10:40 Arrive Yarmouth

Follow the signs from Yarmouth to Alum Bay and the Needles Landmark Attraction.

11:00 Arrive The Needles Landmark Attraction

Look for the Marconi Monument, which marks the precise location where Guglielmo Marconi set up his revolutionary equipment. It was from here that he sent the very first wireless transmission in 1897. Queen Victoria was said to be delighted, when Marconi went on to establish radio communication between herself at Osborne, and the Prince of Wales, who was onboard the Royal Yacht “Osborne”.

Take some time to enjoy the traditional rides at the Needles, where you can also take a trip down to the beach below – following in the footsteps of Victorian holidaymakers.

Don’t forget to stop for a cup of tea or some food at the Marconi restaurant.

13:00 Depart The Needles Landmark Attraction

Follow the signs towards Freshwater Bay for stunning views across the channel – and head to Military Road for a 40 minute drive to Ventnor.

13:40 Arrive Ventnor

Follow the signs to Ventnor Botanic Gardens

13:50 Arrive at Ventnor Botanic Gardens

Take a walk around the wonderful gardens, on the former site of a Victorian hospital for diseases of the chest. Some of the trees in the gardens were donated by Prince Albert and Queen Victoria.

Take a look at the views around you and imagine what it would have been like for Victorian visitors to the hospital. Part of the process for their healing. Giant doors would open out onto the views, for those with conditions of the chest to take in the sea air.

4:00 Leave Ventnor Botanic Gardens

Follow the signs for The Royal Hotel

4:10 Arrive at the Royal Hotel

Enjoy spending time in a beautiful Victorian Hotel, which was renamed from the Ventnor Hotel, to the Royal Hotel, after Queen Victoria visited and endorsed it for afternoon tea in 1855.

While you are at the hotel, take time to enjoy a spot of afternoon tea, just as Queen Victoria did more than 100 years ago.

5:00 Leave the Royal Hotel

Follow the signs to Military Road and take an evening trip down towards Freshwater Bay. From here, head towards Yarmouth for the ferry home.

6:30 Depart Yarmouth

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    The Needles Landmark Attraction
    Isle of Wight
    PO39 0JD


    +44 0871 720 0022
  2. Contact Details:

    Undercliff Drive
    St Lawrence
    Isle of Wight
    PO38 1UL


    01983 855397
  3. Contact Details:

    Belgrave Road
    Isle of Wight
    PO38 1JJ


    01983 852186

Itinerary Distances

FromToDistance * (metric)
Wightlink Car Ferry (50.79188,-1.10496)Alum Bay & Needles Rocks (50.66687,-1.56554)31.79
Alum Bay & Needles Rocks (50.66687,-1.56554)Ventnor Botanic Garden (50.58977,-1.22585)22.93
Ventnor Botanic Garden (50.58977,-1.22585)The Royal Hotel (50.59416,-1.21181)1
The Royal Hotel (50.59416,-1.21181)Wightlink Ferries (50.79196,-1.10465)20.95
Total Distance *76.65 miles
Estimated Journey Time2.47 hours

* Approximate distance by road

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