One of the best things about visiting the Isle of Wight outside of the high season is the chance to truly relax on our quiet shores, perfect for beach lovers seeking the ultimate relaxation.

Sink your toes into the soft sand and unwind by the tranquil sea. You'll discover hidden gems along our coastline, where tranquillity reigns supreme, offering you the chance to forget your cares, sit back and unwind.

Discover five of the most serene and relaxing beaches here on the Isle of Wight…

View from Steephill Cove, Isle of Wight

1. Steephill Cove

One of the Island’s best kept secrets, Steephill Cove is the ideal spot for laidback beach days. There’s no road access to the cove, but you can walk following the coastal path from Ventnor down some steps and slopes before turning a corner and discovering the beautiful cove right ahead of you. Quiet and peaceful, dogs are welcome here and you will also have the chance to grab a cuppa or a bite to eat (try their famous freshly caught crab) at one of the few cafes that line the sand.

2. Binnel Bay

Usually chanced upon by luck alone, the peaceful coastal retreat of Binnel Bay is nestled in between Niton and Ventnor and getting there is not for the faint-hearted as you will need to scramble down rocky outcrops to reach the beach, but once you arrive, you will be welcomed by beautiful views out across the English Channel and it’s very likely that you will have the bay all to yourself!

Rising out of the water, you’ll spot the foundations of an unfinished sea wall that began construction in 1882 by German industrialist William Spindler. The plan was to create a harbour to rival that of neighbouring Ventnor, but William did before it could be completed. The partial wall fell into disrepair and was destroyed by a series of landslides and winter storms and swells. The failed harbour was dubbed ‘Spindler's Folly’ and the remains can be seen broken up and scattered around the bay today.

3. Priory Bay

Set on the east of the Isle of Wight, between Nettlestone and Seaview, Priory Bay has golden sands which look out across The Solent towards Selsey Bill on the mainland. Edged by ancient woodland which is managed by the National Trust, the bay is only accessible on foot from the coastal path at either end. 

Popular with visiting boats dropping anchor, the shallow bay gently slopes towards a natural sandbar known as ‘Gull Bank’ which creates a warm lagoon of water at low tide. On a warm sunny day, you could easily be forgiven for thinking you are unwinding by the sea in thre Mediterranean, rather than the Isle of Wight!

Couple looking out to sea at Seagrove Bay, Isle of Wight

4. Seagrove Bay

Set between Seaview and Priory Bay, Seagrove Bay is a large expanse of golden sands flanked by exclusive beachside properties. It’s crystal clear waters make it a popular spot with watersports enthusiasts, plus there is a large slipway, perfect for launching paddleboards and dinghies. 

The bay stretches for 1km from Nettlestone Point to Horestone Point and a pretty wooden boardwalk provides access to the seawall. There’s a small car park nearby and a lane winding down to the beach or you can park and enjoy the walk from neighbouring Seaview.

At low tide, there is plenty of room to find yourself a secluded spoit, but be careful at high tide as the beach all but disappears! 

5. Fort Victoria

A stunning stretch of unspoilt, natural coastline, Fort Victoria Beach takes its name from the sea defence built between 1852 and 1855 to protect the western end of The Solent. You can visit the fort today which has a cafe and a range of independent attractions including a museumreptilarium and an imaginarium

But, if it’s peace and tranquility you are after, head to the natural beach that is flanked by ancient woodland, just around the corner from the fort. You’ll find natural rockpools to explore and it’s a good place for a fossil hunt too. When the tide is in, the area is a popular spot with anglers with plenty of mackerel caught in the warmer months. Due to depth and the tides in this area, bathing is strictly prohibited so this is a beach for true relaxation - simply sit and watch the waves and the boats bob by. 

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